Plated desserts recipes


Plated desserts recipes
Plated desserts recipes



This page is dedicated to all pastry lovers! Nobody can resist to the “king” of desserts:


Plated dessert!

This dessert is one of the most exciting preparations.

 It involves nearly uncountable techniques: mousse, bavarese, cremoso, jellies, brittles, biscuits, little cakes, panna cotta, chocolate decorations, etc.

Geometric shapes, taste, textures, colours, crunchiness make the dessert the main dish of a lunch or a dinner.


Plated desserts recipes
Plated desserts recipes


One of main advantage of these desserts is that it is usually eaten in a few hours.

Everything in the plate must be edible and easy to eat with a spoon.

Edible flowers end decorations are essentials in this kind of preparations.

On the other hand, better to avoid big chocolate decorations, artistic sugar sculptures impossible to eat or exaggerated coloured gelatines.


Below you could find recipes of a lot of preparations in various and original compositions together with some classic.


Plated desserts recipes
Plated desserts recipes



All the ingredients must be high quality.

Eggs are indicated with “n” and it stands for medium eggs:

  • 50 g whole egg
  • 30 g egg white
  • 20 g yolk

Have fun and have a nice dessert!