Modern cakes

We’ve been hearing about ‘modern cakes’ for thirty years or so: compared to the regional and traditional ones, modern cakes come with

very creamy textures where Bavarian creams and mousse are employed and they are enriched with crunchy chocolate and dried fruit

pralines or fruit gelatine.

Decorations are very sober and refined: mirror glazes or shiny clear glazes, extremely fine chocolate, fresh fruit and modelled sugar

decorations contribute to making these desserts especially beautiful and inviting.

Contrarily to classic and regional desserts – which can sometimes last even 5-6 days – modern cakes, with their delicate creams, keep

well 2-3 days maximum.

On this page you can find recipes to make both delicious classic sweets and fanciful cakes.


Modern cakes recipes
Modern cakes recipes



Important tip:
It is advisable to use high quality ingredients.
Where a recipe calls for a certain number of eggs, medium eggs are intended
  • 50 g whole egg
  • 30 g egg white
  • 20 g yolk


Have fun baking and have a nice dessert!