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Microwave pasteurized meringue 

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Microwave pasteurized meringue
Microwave pasteurized meringue

Meringue for cold use 

As we already said several times in recent months, there are different types of meringues:

-those intended for cooking 
-and those used cold as a base for semifreddo/creams and decorations 

Today I will discuss the latter.

The most used and known meringue for desserts that do not require cooking or baking is the Italian meringue, pasteurized with syrup at 121°C.  

The structure and air incorporation of this meringue are interesting, but  problems can occur during the processing: 

-syrup may stick to the edges of the stand mixer bowl 
syrup temperature exceeds 121°C (this is the case especially with small amounts)

These accidents may happen to people who are not very familiar with Italian meringue or may be due to carelessness. 

There is yet another variety of meringue: made in a water bath until it reaches 60°C and later processed in a stand mixer, it can be an excellent alternative.  

This is Swiss meringue. 

Compared to Italian meringue it is slightly denser, but it lends itself very well to being used cold.  

Studying procedures and structures of the two meringues described above, I have found an interesting solution for a result similar to Italian meringue but with a higher processing speed than Swiss meringue: 

A microwave pasteurized meringue with a small addition of water. 

The processing speed is incredible and both structural and hygienic results are excellent.  

All you need is a digital thermometer (probe or infrared), a whisk, a bowl, a microwave oven and a stand mixer (or an electric hand mixer)


  • Recipe


  • 100 g egg white 
  • 200 g granulated sugar
  • 30 g water 

Place the egg whites in a bowl suitable for microwave ovens (plastic, glass, ceramic or 18/10 steel).

Add the sugar and the water and stir well.

Put the mixture in the microwave for 30 seconds at 800 W, remove and mix vigorously.

Return to the microwave and repeat this step, never exceeding 30 seconds, until the temperature is 70°C.

This temperature is for mild pasteurization, which guarantees hygienic safety against salmonella.  

At this point pour the meringue into the stand mixer bowl and beat it until cold.

The small water percentage will make the meringue slightly less thick than Swiss meringue and interesting to work.

Have a nice dessert…with a meringue base!


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