Welcome to my blog!

I am Loris Oss Emer, I was born in 1973, born and bred in my family pastry shop “Oss Emer”, founded by my father, Franco, in 1968.

Loris Oss Emer - Pianeta Dessert
Loris Oss Emer – Pianeta Dessert
my father Franco
my father Franco

this picture brings me back to the time when I went to see my dad in our bakery…I was literally hypnotized by those fragrances, those flavours, and by his expert hands. If I do this job now I owe it to him.”

I like to call this blog “my third son”: I have desired it, I have “fed” it, I have seen it grow and I am terribly proud of it.

I usually write these pages at the end of my day, or in my spare time, and I try to express myself as clearly as possible.

Please remember: everyone is unique, and nobody has a magic wand to make the perfect dessert. My only recommendation to you is “let yourself be inspired by everyone, “steal” their craft with your eyes, personalize your creations. Keep your mind open and experiment with methods and new techniques!”

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and …have a nice dessert!